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Digital Aid for the Gynaecologists

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Make Accurate Observations
Magnified images can help zoom in to the region of interest and capture surface anomalies from a distance. The methodology used for diagnosis follows IARC protocols.
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Share and Consult
Autogenerate reports with personalized observations and share them immediately with patients. Record the improvements in patient's health over multiple sessions to improve patient compliance to the treatment.
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The primary inspiration behind GynaeCam’s development at IIT Bombay has been to develop an early detection tool for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women with approximately 570,000 cases being reported in 2018, out of which 311,000 died. India accounts for 97,000 of all cases reported worldwide, with 60,000 of those resulting as fatality.

Cervical cancer has a natural progression of 10-20 years, starting from the appearance of abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix, to full blown carcinoma cervix. This makes cervical cancer relatively easy to detect in its early stages, and further strengthens its case for early screening and treatment.

GynaeCam has been designed as a task shifting platform for cervical cancer screenings. GynaeCam follows IARC protocols for diagnosis. In its current form, our device is capable of assisting the diagnosis and documentation of several other gynaecological aliments.

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